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Freezing Dough

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Freezing Dough

Has anyone frozen the Italian Bread dough recipie listed on the Home page?  We like to take bread dough with us on RV trips, and bake as needed..





Semper Fi

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You've asked a good question.   I suggest always using the search function (on the upper left of any TFL page) to see what's been written already on your subject before you post a question.  Searching is always faster because so many questions people ask have already been asked and answered so many times before.  I put "freezing dough" into the search box just now and got lots of hits.  Try it.

In the meanwhile, for what it's worth, I've frozen lots of doughs just before the second rising.  My best results have always been with those that I've taken out for the second rise within a week or two after the initial freezing.  I've got my guesses as to why, but I cannot tell any facts.