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Pull Pork Sourdough Pizza: Act 2

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Pull Pork Sourdough Pizza: Act 2

I'm revisiting my Pulled Pork Sourdough Pizza. I toned down the heat a bit -- I still used habenero bbq sauce when I pre-heated the pork, but use a sweeter sauce on the actual dough. And instead of serranos, I used jalapenos for the pico. It still had a kick to it, but didn't leave my wife in tears...




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thomaschacon (not verified)

(I fast the entire month of December, so I could eat that entire pizza right now in one sitting. And the box in comes in...)

Very nice!


How's this for a sauce (Note. I can't eat it. Too hot. And I love hot.): 

Silver Bill's Garbanero Tongue-Twister Hot Sauce

A half cup of Silver Bill's Garbanero Tongue-Twister Hot Sauce is rumored to be capable of reviving a horse that's been dead less than an hour.


1 quart peeled garlic cloves
6 to 12 bright red habanero peppers
2 6-ounce bottles Goya Louisiana Hot Sauce
1 tablespoon seasoned salt
1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper


Snip the cluster end off each garlic clove. Remove seeds from the habanero peppers. Use at least 6 habaneros or more, depending upon their size and the maker's taste and/or threshold of pain.

Combine all ingredients and liquefy in a blender. For a thinner sauce, add more Goya Hot Sauce.

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Truth be told, the only thing that kept me from eating the whole thing was the fact that my wife wanted some... no fasting necessary!


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I love the pizza. It looks fantastic and I'll bet it tastes even better than it looks.  Great job!

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Thanks! I've got two more balls of dough from that batch (PR's Neopolitan crust from American Pie), and just enough pork left for a pair of pizzas. I may break it out for UFC Saturday!


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You are making me hungry.  I could tear into that.     :)