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The Tartine Country Bread from Singapore!

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The Tartine Country Bread from Singapore!

Hello all!

Just to share with you my version of the loaf with a few tweaks after weeks of trying at the original hydration based on the book. 

My Original Loaves - which I can never shape into a boule as the shape would never hold so I had to resort to baking in a loaf pan. Texture was always gummy and rise was minimal although taste was great!

Yesterday, I reduced the hydration to 67% and final proofing time of 1.5hours in flour dusted linen basket

Tada! Mild success! 

First time I could flip it out of the basket, score it and baked on a baking stone. 

Crumb shot - not as open crumb but still a good attempt 

It was dry inside and no longer gummy. 

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Nate Delage

The boule looks great, congrats! High hydration dough takes a lot of practice. Strong gluten development early in the mix and primary fermentation can help with the handling of the dough later.

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Just a random thought : does the high humidity in Singapore make it a requirement to reduce hydration, perhaps? 

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That was what got me thinking! Most bread bakers I read about here live in drier climates. Will still strive for 70% to get those nice open crumb.