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New member from Illinois too

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New member from Illinois too

Hello all;

My name is Kevin. My wife and I live in East-Central Illinois. However, I'm sure you are wondering about the user name. We love hiking the Great Smoky Mountains. The first forum I joined was about the GSMs. 'SmokyMtnHiker' is my user name I used with that forum and now I use it for all forums I join; less user names to remember :-)

I am an avid home cook (a little baking) and she is a holiday home baker; mainly sweets. I've just started into the world of bread baking. My wife and I want to try to keep as much processed food out of our kitchen as we can and by learning to bake bread we can check that processed food off our list.

I look forward to learning a lot from all the members of this forum. Thanks.


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you can definitely learn a lot here - I did.

Happy baking,


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tn gabe

I didn't think there were smoky mtns there in 'Illanoise' as folks call it here.

It's a good sign that this wesbite is the top place for bread information online when you realize any bread question in google leads here.

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Glad to see another hiker here!  Come down to the southern part of the state sometime and I'll show you some good hiking in the Shawnee National Forest.  Maybe not as spectacular as the mountains, but you might be surprised at what you can find down here.  Sometime when you have time google Shawnee National Forest and River to River Trail.  Illinois isn't all flat!