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Bread Art

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Bread Art

A while back I had looked for a book that had technique for bread and bread art.  I finally made my first piece.  A plaque with flowers and a shard of wheat and a boule with a sunflower relief.  



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tn gabe

I've admired the decorative work in 'Bread' and look forward to trying some. Looks like you had fun.

Did you make that with 'pate morte' (is that what it's called?)

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thomaschacon (not verified)

Judith Olney on Bread has tons of bread art in it (and a great recipe for Swiss Potato Rolls).

How'd you colour the flowers? Are they marzipan? Dough?

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Glad you like it!

It was a combination of breads.  I used Hiltz bread and the 'dead dough'.  Hiltz recipe has some yeast in it so it gives a slight rise, the other is really better for flowers, both Hiltz and Hammellman have a similiar recipe for 'pate morte'.  

I hope to do more plaques in the next few weeks.   The hardest part is planning the layout, then it's more like cake decoration than bread baking.  Of course I did it backward, I wanted to experiment with making flowers and the wheat, an oval plaque, just using the medium and hoped it would all go together!  As I said, this is my first effort.  The colors are a combination of wilton cake paste and for a yellow hue I used tumeric, for brown I use cocoa powder.  It is egg washed for the shean.   All edible, though I doubt it would taste good.  Softball sugar is the glue for the flowers (they are baked sep. fromt he base).