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Recipes please....

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Recipes please....

I have a starter sitting in my fridge....

It is whole wheat  - been active for about 2 months.


Looking for a T&T (tried and true) recipe for tommorow's baking practice.

So far I've been doing this:

500 g whole wheat flour

100 grams starter

12 grams sea salt

375 g Water


1. - Mix - - then fold  4 directions (envelope) 8 times

2. Wait 20 min - fold 4x8

3. Wait 20 min  - fold 4x8


Next morning proof - wait 2 hours

Bake in duch oven

The loaf is a bit heavy - crust is great.


Thoughs, recipe suggestions are all welcome.




I may even send pics of tomorrow's bake.....



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I suspect you may not be preparing the starter to perform at it's best. Are you removing the starter from the refrigerator, and feeding it 2 or 3 times over a period of about 24 hours?

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Yes , I am - 

Remove some, addsome flour, water and mix it up.

I succesfully get it to leaven up and get rid of the overly pungent taste.

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To make the flavor more complex, try replacing 50 gm of WW flour with rye flour.

Add 1/2 - 3/4 C toasted walnuts (push them around in a hot skillet, it will make a big difference in the taste).

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It isn't clear how long you are fermenting and at what temperature. Also the proofing for 2 hours is probably to long if the ferment was effective. Did this dough end up in the fridge at any time?

I'll just take a stab at the bulk ferment not being at a warm room temperature, so the cultures didn't get a chance to multply enough. Try doing the bulk ferment in a transparent or translucent container so you can see the bubbles grow. This one tip has helped me get better open crumbs with my breads, especially sourdough. you need to ferment until there are 1/4 inch bubbles scattered on the side of the dough. Sourdough is sensitive to the dough temperature and will perform best in the 72-78F range.

I have been able to proof for just a small increase in volume in 30-45 minutes if the dough temp is right and get a great oven spring, with sourdough breads.So I'm saying you don't need a better recipe, just informed fermenting. It makes all the difference.

Hope this helps.


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Ok -

So, you are totally right about the temp in the room.

It's been cold. I'll work on that.

Now, this is a neat idea - letting the dough ferment where I can see the bubbles. This is actually how I guage my sour as it wakes up.


See Pic:


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Since you're in Israel what type of whole wheat flour are you using. Winter/Spring, Hard/Soft, Red/White? Grinding your own? The type of flour used plays a part in the results.


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Store Bought - I have no idea....

I tried looking on the bag  - all it said was that that it was 100 % extraction

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This is assuming your starter is 100% hydration, like mine is (looks very liquid, but bubbly).

700 g starter
250 g cooked potatoes, chopped finely
300 g water
3 tablespoons honey (REAL tablespoons)
250 g dark rye flour
400 g bread flour
20 g salt
10 g yeast (optional, but I would recommend it)
10 g gluten

395 F, 45 - 60 minutes. It is a very dense bread, but incomparable in terms of taste etc.

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Ok - 

Here is the starter - 

What do you all suggest I do with this?