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iPad owners and Bread Baking

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iPad owners and Bread Baking

Hi everyone. I am Dan Wellesley. I am a marketing rep for a new series of video cookbooks called The Informed Chef.

Our most recent release, Bread Baking the Artisan Way, is adapted from Michael Kalanty's award-winning How To Bake Bread. I read some threads on this site about the book when it first came out last year. It just was released in a second printing and is now used in several culinary schools. The Art Institute culinary schools use it.

Anyway, Bread Baking the Artisan Way (BBAW) includes 25 of ChefMike's formulas plus almost 5 hours of HD video instruction. There are 90 video clips on developming dough, shaping lots of different breads, and working a variety of basic yeast doughs by hand, directly on the bench, and with artisan techniques.

BBAW sells in the iTunes store for $9.95 and right now can be downloaded onto Mac desktops and iPads.

I'm looking for some cool ideas on how to get advertise the new Bread APP using social media, blogs, and the like.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Thanks,  Dan.


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Wait for someone else to recommend it, dude.

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Thank you for your insightful recommendation.


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a new advertiser.  This growing site needs more space and horsepower on a pretty regular basis, or so I would expect.  It's pretty easy to advertise in this space in a constructive and non-offensive way by contacting floyd.  He even provides this convenient link at the bottom of every page.  I suggest you contact him for more details on the ad plans he has available.  I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.


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Is this book available online for PC users? I appreciate the fact that the iPad is a huge deal right now but there are still a lot of us who are stuck in the PC world, where things are compatible by design. This sounds like something that would be an interesting resource.


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Dear Dan,

Please don't advertise on this site again. 




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This is not spam. I agree completely with Paul's comments above. And richkaimd, it isn't your call to reprimand. This is a friendly helpful site. I think Floyd would be agreeable to anything that advances bread baking skills to our members. Please be respectful in your tone.


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He's been very upfront with his purpose for posting and asked for input.  There have been many, many posts by spammers.  You haven't seen most of them because they get trapped by the site's administrators and contributors.  This isn't spam.

There are a number of TFLers and others who flog their products, whether grains (flourgirl), baking supplies (nybakers), books (all over the map), proofers (Brod & Taylor), web sites, you name it.  And many of us, even though we have no financial interest in a particular business, routinely pass along our tips, recommendations, or critiques for various products.  

Although Floyd and Dorota have sunk a lot of money and sweat equity in the site, its continued growth and development have been and will be funded significantly by advertising revenues.  OldWoodenSpoon's response is appropriate.  


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I checked out the app on iTunes as well as the YouTube video.  It has some nice features and I have a suggestion, but not for advertising.  The recipes are by volume, not by weight.  Since the author included a blurb on scaling, he really should include metric measurements as well.   The volume measurements are a deal breaker for me.

As to where to advertise, I'll ditto OWS's suggestion about checking into the TFL advertising rates.  You could also check into advertising at popular bread blogs.  

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Mini Oven

a few ipad owners a free app in exchange for their review of it.  They could post what they think about it and then go from there.  Do that on a few other popular baking blogs as well.    ???

Like offer a free app to Floyd.  If he doesn't have an ipad, get him one.  Let him play and test the app.  


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One post, such as this, by a vendor announcing the existence of a product designed with "folks like us" in mind isn't spam.   As others have said, this post seems courteous, informative, and like a perfectly valid way to participate of our forums even if he never comes back to post here again.

Repeated posts about a product, turning other discussions on the site into discussions of their product ("thread jacking"), or posting links that have nothing to do with baking here for the sake of boosting page rank is spamming and inappropriate.  That is not what is happening here.

Advertising inquiries are always welcome, but I agree with Mini and Felila that one of the best ways of building is to get the app into the hands of possible advocates.  Offering a time-limited price cut or coupon codes are the most common way I've seen vendors do that.

Good luck!


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Hello Floyd, nice to make your acquaintance.  And thank you for allowing me to explore your site.

As one of your bloggers suggested, I'd like to offer you a promotional copy of Bread Baking the Artisan Way for iPad. Do you own this device? Or do you have a MAC desktop? (Or do you have a wired/baker friend who's on your holiday list?)

I would happily provide a promotional code for redeeming at iTunes Store in exchange for a review or other consideration.

This is my first foray into social media for promotional efforts, so I hope I have not transgressed the unwritten rules of decorum followed by bloggers in general. And again, I appreciate your kind response (and that of several of your readers) in my efforts.  




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Hi Everyone.  Thanks for all you help here. I am following several of your suggestions, so thanks.  In particular, I have a few promotional APPS that I can give to folks who have a MAC or an iPad. (Sorry, Eric. The APP is only for MAC platforms until Spring of next year. This was the developpers' decision.)

Also, LindyD--Thanks for the good eye.  The measurements ARE in fact in grams once you are inside the APP.  There is a toggle switch that changes from ounces to grams for each formula.

To All:  This site was my intro to blogging about anything. I've never been on one and I see how much social decorum is appreciated.  I wish you all a safe and happy holiday ahead, and thanks again for all your suggestions.