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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

We are busy here in Wisconsin, getting ready for a big feast tomorrow. I just want to say thank you to all of you TFL'ers that have helped me over the years. We are a large friendly family who share our gifts with each other for our mutual pleasure. My own baking skills have grown so much in large part due to the generosity of the kind folks here.

I especially want to thank Mr. Norm Berg (NBIcomputers) for all he did for me a few years ago, sharing generously his many years experience as a professional baker. Thanks to Norm, I have learned many authentic formulas and methods which I use today and also have helped my other baking in small ways. I don't know if he will see this text due to some serious medical issues he is fighting but I just want you all to know, I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to study under Norm. Now I'm off to clop some Kaiser Rolls the old fashioned way, Norms way.

Happy baking everyone,


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Eric, you honor Norm in a way he will especially appreciate, by carrying forward with his teaching.  I want to thank you for that, as well as to echo your thoughts and thanks  to all of The Fresh Loaf community for being the friendly family that it is.  Many of us come here knowing little, or even less, and the community readily shares, nurtures and brings us along, making us welcome members of the family.  I am thankful that it is so.

I'd like to add special thanks to Floyd and Dorota for all that they do to preserve and maintain this community.  Without the inspiration and initiative of Floyd to begin the site in the first place we would not have this community today.  Without the understanding, patience and first-hand participation and assistance of Dorota, this would not be the site it is today.  Thanks to you both for all that you do.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

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TFL is a daily indulgence. Very many thanks to Floyd and Dorota and to all the generous contributors and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


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My contribution to tomorrow's dinner will be from The Fresh Loaf: Lunch Lady Rolls and Sweet Potato Rolls.

Blessings to all of you.  May you find much in your lives to be thankful for.


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Thank you Eric, Paul, and OldWoodenSpoon.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving as well.


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Happy THanksgiving to all who celebrate the date here at TFL


I wish I was home baking a wonderful loaf of bread, but this year work took first priority, and we will be pampered guests after a hard day in the lab.... (sigh)



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and have been helped by so many !  Thank you Floyd and Dorota for maintaining this site, we wouldn't all be together if not for you !

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone !   Our meal was graced with Norm's Onion Rolls which received much praise.



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What took you guys so long? We had our Thanksgiving a month ago.

Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and fellow bakers in the U.S. May your turkeys be moist and your breads full of flavour.

To Floyd and Dorota,

This is easily the most dynamic and informative site on the web for all areas of baking. Because of your hard work at keeping it to a simple concept, it's evolved into something that exemplifies the very best of what the web is capable of. All of us are richer for that. Thank you.

Best Wishes to all,


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louie brown

Not only has this site made a real difference in my baking, but I have enjoyed the large, diverse membership. 

Great job, Floyd, and special best wishes to Norm.