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Bakers milk powder

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Bakers milk powder

Where can I found bakers milk powder? I'm referring to the recent recipe for oat whole wheat bread.

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King Arthur Flour

You can also reconstitute and properly scald your own non fat dry milk, for the same results. Or just scald whatever liquid milk(whole, 2%, etc). They all work just as well, unless this is for a delayed bake in an automatic breadmaker.

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I don't know why "bakers powdered milk" would be any better or worse than a good quality powdered milk that you can find in hour local super market.

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The protease in the powdered milk has been denatured so the gluten is not attacked so readily.   The bakers powdered milk uses a higher temperature in the process than regular grocery powdered milk and also cannot be reconstituted to fluid milk as readily.  Your flour also has protease and that from the milk will result in an overload.


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Thanks Ford, and Chuck.  Another lesson learned..  I LOVE this forum

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I come down half way between- My experience is that scalded/bakers milk doesn't make a huge difference, and unscalded/drinking milk can usually be used instead. On the other hand there really is a difference  ...relatively small yes, but not zero.