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crooked rise

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crooked rise

Why does my bread rise nicely one side of the tin and not the other? How can I avoid this? So far, I've turned the tin round after the first ten minutes in the oven, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

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Oven bloom follows the path of least resistance.  Are  you scoring your loaves?

When you form your loaf do you completely seal the seam?  Is the seam in the center underside when the loaf goes into the pan?

Is your pan steel, aluminum, or ?  Is it heavy weight material or thin metal?  Is it "non-stick" coated or raw metal?

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1. Make sure the dough temp is not too high, no higher then 78° F (DDT)
2. The dough may need a little more development, more mixtime
3. A longer bulk ferment would increase the gas retention as well