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I just bought a dried blueberry,cherry,cranberry mix-what to make?

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I just bought a dried blueberry,cherry,cranberry mix-what to make?

Blueberry is the predominant flavor is in this mix with the cherry and cranberry providing great undertones.  I like this mix because the blueberry flavor was so pronounced.

I'm overwhelmed with thoughts-which way to go: a rich, sweet brioche? Whole grain fruited bread with nuts or seeds? Lemon? Cardamom and cinnamon? Sourdough?

 I need ideas? What would you like to taste these lovely berries in? 

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Mini Oven

of hot beverage to go with them.   :)  

Seriously?  Make Floyds Sweet Potato Rolls and work the berries into the dough before the bulk rise.  I've got a batch going right now and I'm thinking about adding some orange peel into the dough and then I thought about your berries.  The yellow dough (I'm using squash) and the deep colored berries might make a beautiful roll.  Your dried berries would get steamed inside the sweet dough.  Want the metric version I just calculated?  I will post (link) on Floyds Recipe (Sweet Potato Rolls) and include the bake and pictures later.  

I forgot what a mess frozen berries make when they thaw out, my kitchen looked like nightmare on elm blueberry street and my hands were dripping purple by the time I got my rolls into the pan.   Thank goodness I had some lemon juice for cleaning up!  What a mess!  

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Sound like they'd be great in a scone recipe!


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wayne on FLUKE

Try the sourdough blueberry bagel recipe from wild yeast.

I have made them with blueberries and with cranberries. My only change is to make them bigger, 8 instead of 12. I had never made bagels before and these were pretty easy and taste great.



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... a very low sugar muffin so the fruit flavors can come through.

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I might have to try more than 1 idea! They all sound delicious.