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dull day

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dull day

 such a dull day toay, so I baked,, the first time in ages..  qahtan

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Very nice loaves!

All the best


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but look what you did with it.  AMAZING!

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It may have started out that way, but you obviously spiced it up!

Guess what I found qahtan...  A Moravian Loaf Pan

I believe you have one of these?  Did you ever find it by this particular name I wonder?  This one came from and they now carry them in a small number of variations.

Your loaves look beautiful qahtan.  You did not lose any of your touch in the months since your last bake.

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I have one that looks similar, though it's darker, and it's called a rehruken pan.  I also have the hinged, tubular bread pan.

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Mini Oven

:)   ..and happy friends and neighbors.