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Finest bread. Leavened white bread.

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Szanter5339's picture

Finest bread. Leavened white bread.

I Can Not Get Enough of her beauty!

I watch with wonder this beauty! Simply unbelievable that I baked. As I have already written most of the occupation of the bread baking. I always look forward to baking bread in the days and completely turned off by molding. They are not pre-plan model, and then point at the moment is the idea.


 Csodálkozva nézem ezt a szépséget! Egyszerűen hihetetlen,hogy én sütöttem.  Mint ahogyan már írtam a legszebb elfoglaltságom a kenyérsütés. Mindig nagyon várom a sütési napokat és teljesen kikapcsolódok a kenyér mintázásával. Előre nem tervezek mintát, pont akkor és abban a pillanatban jön az ötlet.


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Your bread is a work of art. Congratulations!


A kenyér egy műalkotás. Gratulálunk!

Szanter5339's picture

Köszönöm szépen!  Üdvözlettel!  Terike

Szanter5339's picture

. Thanks for the photo behind! Welcome!

breadsong's picture

Hello Terike,
I love your offset, floral design, and the raised decorative elements are so beautifully complemented by the scoring.
:^) from breadsong

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Üdvözlet!  Köszönöm szépen! En is nagyon szeretem a virágmotívumokat. 

Örülök,hogy tetszik!


. Welcome! Thank you very much! I also really like the flower motifs.
I'm glad you like it!

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That loaf is beautiful!  I'd love to watch you making it.  I would use your techniques for my challah.  Barring your video debut, maybe next time (and I hope there are many more), you could show us a photo view from the side as well as give us the recipe for the white bread dough this loaf is based on.

Szanter5339's picture

Thank you very much!
I do not understand. Why is the video? Want to know more?
IItt you can see photos of the stage.
I do not know English, translating machine, which is not always good.
I am sending a recipe!
Best regards from Hungary TerikeBlog: