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Avoid wheat? Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

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Avoid wheat? Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD, published this year strongly condemns modern wheats: Dr Davis writes that wheats have been so extensively hybridized and genetically modified that they no longer remotely resembles ancient (healthful) wheats. Therefore, he says, avoid modern wheats, organic or not, like the plague...  I'm not a food scientist but, frankly, I am surprised by his assertions.  Any comments by food scientists or other knowledgeable individuals?

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I am not an authority on this subject but the first thoughts that came to my mind were that if one were to look at most of the food eaten now-a-days one would have to look long and hard before finding something that hasn't been tampered with before reaching our kitchens......


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I've seen this brought up many times. I have yet to see the person bringing it up cite a reputable peer-reviewed scientific journal. If any source is cited (rarely the case) the source is a book published by the individual pushing his/her brand of pseudoscience.

Anyone can say anything at all, write it in a book, and sell it to a public that's going crazy looking for a reason why they get fat and sick when they eat too much food.

What you really, REALLY need to beware of is anyone who tells you that eating any one thing is bad. People since the dawn of humanity have been eating a huge variety of damn near anything that came within arm's reach. We're omnivores, that's what we do. The problem isn't what we're eating, it's that we're eating too much of certain things and not enough of others.

Wheat isn't poison, it isn't killing you. Until you see a few articles from peer-reviewed scientific journals saying otherwise, this is truth as we know it. Remember, Dr. Atkins was discredited, as was the fat-free diet, and nearly every other diet out there that advocated cutting one or more foods entirely. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. Eat whatever the hell you want, just don't eat too much of it, and get enough exercise to burn off the energy you have. There is no other great secret, there is no trick. Do what your ancestors have been doing for tens of thousands of years.