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Overnight 80% hydration focaccia a success

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Overnight 80% hydration focaccia a success

A friend of mine showed me how to make 80% hydration ciabatta bread, using folds instead of kneading, saying it could also be used to make a mean focaccia or pizza dough.

Since he gets all day to do his baking, and I'm still working days, I wanted to try an "overnight" version - make the dough one evening, ferment overnight in the fridge, then shape/proof/bake the next evening.  The long fermentation meant I had to cut the yeast quite a bit.

Here's the formula I tried:

Bread flour  50

Whole wheat flour  50

Water  80

Salt  2

Instant yeast  0.333

  • Mix dough & autolyse for ~15-20 minutes.
  • Fold the dough to start to develop the gluten, and repeat every 10-15 minutes three more times.
  • Into a container, then ferment in the fridge overnight.
  • Didn't see too, too much rise (a little less than double), but carried on.
  • Shape focaccia in cookie sheet well greased with olive oil or on parchment, and proof for 45-50 minutes.
  • Into a 500F oven onto a stone for 17 minutes, then spin around and bake for another 12-14 minutes (depending on brownness of crust you want) - internal temperature should be 200 to 205F.

I was pleased with both the look and the crumb.

Until the novelty wears off, this will now be our default "house bread" for our everyday eating and enjoyment.

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Wow, pretty awesome!

I might try this recipe this weekend, love the idea of a little whole wheat in my flat bread...


thank you!

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.... adding the WW flour gives the flatbread.  In fact, this weekend, I'll be trying a 75% whole wheat version (probably will up the hydration to ~82-83% to keep it less dense with more whole wheat).

Glad you enjoyed it!