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New York Times 5 minute a day Artisan Bread

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New York Times 5 minute a day Artisan Bread

What do the people on this forum have to say about this 5 min a day stuff?


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There is a big thread/interview with Jeff & Zoe here.

I also just got back from chatting with with Jeff & Zoe about their new pizza and flatbread book.  I'll try to write something up about it in the next couple of days.


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I think their concepts and techniques are good for getting people excited about baking and teaching new bakers about key processes for developing texture and flavor. With some care you can use their techniques to get an acceptable (or even pretty good) product. 

That said, I'm no longer on a high-hydration/no-knead kick, because the flavors and textures of the breads I'm trying to achieve cannot be met by these means. However, knowledge of these techniques are just another set of tools that bakers can use to achieve the bread of their dreams. 

Happy Baking!

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Like the commenter above said, their book is very useful. I experimented with their techniques and found some things that I really liked and still use today. For example, they introduced me to using a dutch oven to create steam and get a good crust, and I have a loaf in the oven right now sitting all happy and steamy inside my cast iron dutch oven. But, I am not a fan of the texture or flavor of the loaves their techniques produced. While a less attentive taster may not notice the subtle differences, I felt they were slightly rubbery and yeasty tasting, which is far from ideal. That being said, some of the recipes in the book are very good. The challah turned out wonderfully, and the pizza crust was pretty good (hence their second book). If you're in a time crunch but still want to be able to have homemade bread (although, you do need to be present for the 40 minute rising time out of the fridge, and then 45-60 minutes of baking...), it may be a good idea for you. I don't regret spending money on the book at all, but it does spend more time sitting on the shelf than it does on the countertop.

Raquel @ Ovenmitts blog

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Stuart Borken

I posted the recipe I made, which is only a minor modification from their recipe, and it creates a fantastic rye bread.  The recipe in the book is a wonderful begining for your additions, like a little dried onion flakes, and some caraway in the dough and sprinkled on top with coarse salt.

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Nice to be part of this community.

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I think it's wonderful for putting a 1 meal size loaf of hot bread on the table for supper. This is not one of my best loaves...I was getting to the bottom of my dough bucket when I took this picture. A friend had asked me to send her the recipe and I had just gotten this out of the oven and was about to send her the recipe so I snapped a picture so she could see what it looked like. I get much larger holes and nicer texture from the dough when it's not old as this was.