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What order to bake Pizza & Bread?

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What order to bake Pizza & Bread?

Tomorrow, I want to break three loaves of bread (white loaf in a loaf pan for kids, two rye loaves directly on the pizza stone with initial steam) and Pizza. I will be using a Pizza Stone.  The white bread needs to be at 370 degrees or so, the Rye starts at 400, and Pizza of course as hot as possible. 

So, should I do the breads first, using the bread baking time also as sort of "pre-heat" time for the stone, or should I do the Pizza's first and then let it cool down to the right temperature for the breads? (Timing wise, either one can be made to work, I think..) 

Thanks in advance!

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I'm no expert, but I would think that maximum heat on the stone would be best for the pizza.  So I would do the breads first.  Good luck, post pictures!

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Hmm... I would probably do the pizza first. I usually heat my stone to a higher temperature, then drop the oven temp down when I put my bread in. So to me, having it at a higher temperature for the pizza would work well. I might put the white loaf pan one on a rack instead of on the stone though.

The other benefit of doing it this way is that you get to eat the pizza while you wait for the bread to cook :) The smell of cooking bread always makes me hungry.