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Nancy Silverton - Book Signing at Chino's Family Farm

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Nancy Silverton - Book Signing at Chino's Family Farm

I stopped today at the famous Chino's Family Farm, to pick up some 'fresh' Veggies.  It's just a quick 5 minute drive from my daughters home.    

If you've never heard of 'Chino's' just google it to read about this family farm that has  (a near-cultlike fame for growing perhaps the finest fruits and vegetables) famous chefs from all over come.  I've seen on Emeril L. on the TV picking in the fields, Wolfgang P is a regular... they ship to resturants all over the US.  

I noticed a tacked up sign on the post today saying Nancy Silverton for signing of her new book,

'Mozza', will be there Nov. 20 and Alice Waters of 'Chez Panisse'..sorry not sure of the date there, I was to busy gathering veggies.  They always seem to be busy. 


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Hello Sylvia:

Wish I could be there to pick up the veggie and also to meet Alice Waters and Nancy Silverton.  I am so.....jealous.