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No knead white bread rolls

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No knead white bread rolls


I'm looking for a no knead recipe that will make about 12 white rolls.  I've tried the no knead recipe with brown flour and made it in my ramekins.  It was very nice and crisp on the outside, but a bit chewy inside.  Can i use the same recipe with just white flour?  I'm very new at baking but am very excited about all the different methods.  Thank you very much.


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Would this recipe work for you?  I've made it with other bread flours and it works okay.

I've also put the recipe on with lots of pictures of the steps along the way.

I rarely knead by hand, adopting most things to stretch-and-fold to good effect.  Like you, I started with the no-knead breads.  Stretch-and-fold is just about as fool-proof and easy.