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Rustic Tuscany Bread

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Rustic Tuscany Bread

We have 2 Costco conveniently located in different sites of the city I live in. We also have many of the others but Costco is always my best choice for grossary. I bought this cooking book at Costco 4 years ago and have been practicing the recipes it offers. And as it says I found it incredibly easy to follow. Rustic Tuscany Bread from the cooking book has been the most facinating piece to me. I did it quite often and I did it kind of my own special version. It looks gorgeous and tastes fantastic. My friends screamed every time I brought it to dinner parties.  

It is incredibly easy.


I don't like frozen bread dough so I had to come up with the bread dough myself. It's the same dough I use for focaccia


Drained tomato stew as filling.


I rolled the dough to a 5mm thick 30x40 cm rectangle and spray 1 table spoon of olive oil with a sprinkle of sea salt evenly over the dough.



Drained tomato stew over 2/3 of dough.



Add a layer of pizza cheese. 


I guess it will be pretty much OK if you add more ingredients.


First 1/3 on the second 1/3~~~~My poor English. ><!


2/3 on the last 1/3~~~~folding done!


Some flour on both sides~~~


Let it rest for one hour to double the size.


Score few diamonds on the top of dough. This is the most exciting part of making the bread.


   The tip is to cut the dough deep and wide to reveal the filling but still firm enough to hold the filling inside the dough after baking.


The beauty from my oven.


I love how the scoring turned out.





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I'm going to make that for dinner soon.   Thanks for posting.   It is somewhat similar to something Franko posted awhile ago, but that is made with durum flour and not raised I think.   Thanks for posting.  -Varda

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The rustic Tuscany bread I made is surely much simpler than Franko's sicilian cheese-and-tomato-pie. I'll try this pie later. Thanks for the link. 

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thomaschacon (not verified)


(Although I'm sure your versions is several million times more delicious!)

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I don't have any sense about HotPockets. I searched for the name but nothing significant came up. I'll appreciate if you give me a link of that. Please make this Rustic Tuscany Bread and see if it's several million times more delicious. I really want to know, seriously!


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thomaschacon (not verified)

I was joking.

HotPockets is a commercial brand of fast food your find in America grocery stores. They're frozen savory pastries which you bring home and reheat in a microwave.

This is what they look like, which is why they reminded me of your rustic Tuscan bread.

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are in the freezer section of the grocery stores. They are a basic filled bread baked with a meat or meat and cheese filling, some are done with veggies and cheese (primarily broccoli) and are similar to many ethnic breads, Kulebyaka (Russian pie or pocket bread made like the tuscan loaf and sliced), others are made by rolling the dough out into 6 inch circles or so and filled with various fillings, ham and cheese, ground beef and onions, etc. there is a small downloadable ebook or pdf file, at www.prepared which has many bread mixes etc, which of course they tout for the stuff they have ebooklets on, but there is a lot of information there in their many offerings one of which is about the hot pocket or filled sandwiches.