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Storing bread sticks

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Storing bread sticks

How would you store bread sticks? I have a glass pasta container. But most of them don't fit. Right now they're on a rack. I'm thinking of putting them in two paper lunch bags at each end. Any suggestions? 



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I make grissini and store them in a large rectangular Rubbermaid type plastic container I purchased in the food storage section of Walmart.  I also use it to store my overnight bread dough from the Artisan in 5 books.  It is easier to judge the size of dough you are cutting off than using a tall container.  

Before I bought the box, I would line a cardboard box of the appropriate size and wrap the grissini.  Terry R. 

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I put my grissini in a 2 gallon zip bag and put them in the freezer. It keeps them crisp. They're actually pretty good right out of the freezer, but take almost no time to come up to temperature.