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Thanksgiving rolls

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Thanksgiving rolls

I want to make some light, fluffy rolls for Thanksgiving using my starter, who is fantastic, and I'm sure will be up to the task!  Anyway, I have been using formulas and tips from this site, but what I would really like to do is bake them as near as possible to dinner time. With all the cooking I am doing, I will almost certainly need to put them in the fridge.  

I was thinking this:  mix ingredients, bulk ferment as long as possible, form rolls, put in fridge overnight, remove from fridge about 11:00 am, and let sit on the counter for an hour or two, bake.  What do you think?  Will this work?  I will do a dry run in advance, but your expertise will be apprecieated.  

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The trick is to get the oven available-so it depends on how you do the turkey. The rolls are the last thing I bake.

 I bake a large (25lb) turkey overnight (put it in late and take out early next AM) and we eat at noon. This works great because I then have the oven free for all the other dishes and bread (of which we make many!) and the turkey sits to get juicy.  We don't do the Norman Rockwell thing of carving the bird at the table. It is all done ahead and ready to pass at the meal. All the "scraps" and bones are bagged/stored and refrigerated for soup later. SOme are used immediately for making stock for the gravy and keeping the meat juicy.

The sweet potatoe rolls on this site are awesome!