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powdered milk substitute

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powdered milk substitute

Does anybody know if I can substitute powdered milk with something else.  It's  basic white bread recipe on another site.  The recipe calls for 33 grams milk powder, and I am vegan.  I wonder if I could just leave it out? Maybe reduce the flour.  

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The milk acts as a dough softener.  You could substitute a fat like olive oil, 2 tablespoons being a close equivalent by weight, and reduce the water amount by same...  Shortening/Crisco would also work.  Hope this helps...

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Soy milk powder, though that is probably very hard to find locally. There are internet sources.


You could substitute soy milk(liquid) for the water/liquid used in the recipe. You made need to add a splash or two of extra soy milk to get the desired consistency.

Omitting the milk powder may very well produce an acceptable result. Without the milk powder, the browning may be affected though, depending on whether other browning agents(sugars, etc) are present. Again, you may need to adjust hydration a little.

My guess is that liquid soy milk is probably the easiest substitution which will be closest to the results of the original recipe. Although other nut/grain milks(rice milk, etc) may work well also.

Good luck.

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I think that is a good idea too - replace with soy(rice/almond/oat) milk or soy cream (Alpro) and reduce water according to quantities.

I tried this substitute a few times and it's works perfect.

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I've never found it necessary to put any milk products in my bread, but I doo add a splash of sunflower oil.