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San Francisco Sourdough from Local Breads

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San Francisco Sourdough from Local Breads

I seem to remember discussions of problems with this book - if anyone has made their version of SF Sourdough, and has tips or suggestions, or advice, or just a plain DON'T DO IT!


Please, send it my way - I intend to make it this weekend....


thank you!

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I haven't baked much from Local Breads, so can't help on the sourdough question,  but maybe this link might be helpful:

Hope it goes well for you!

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THanks so much, Lindy...


I  seemed to remember there was a thread on problems with the book, but wasn't able to retrieve it.  This was very helpful - I am going to give it a try and see what happens


will report back, thanks again....

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Aussie Pete

Hi Sally, If this helps. I recently started back my sourdough culture after a 12 month break. I'm from Australia so I don't have access to a S/F sourdough culture. So here is my own local version.

Day 1 Mix to a slurry and keep in a warm place :-

50grms bakers flour plus 50 grms of wholemeal spelt flour.

100 grms of unsweetened pineapple juice.

Day 2. Repeat day one.

Day 3

Throw out half and repeat day one again.

Day 4

By now there should be some action with bubbles. Throw out half again but this time use white  bakers flour only with pineapple juice. For me it now overflowed out of the jar.

Day 5.

I have a bubbly thriving living S/Dough culture. I kept repeating day 3 but now use water instead of pineapple juice. I was baking with this by day seven.

From this I have 2 cultures. One that gets an occassional spelt feed and the other lives off white bakers flour. Tonight we having our first S/D pizza  from it. Till now I have had some lovely spelt and white sourdough loaves.

I generally use 200grms of either starter, 500grms flour, 12grms of salt and 65%to 70% hydration on the 500grms of flour. This gives me 2X500grms loaves or 1 X 700 grms loaf and some buns.

Hope this helps..............Pete


SallyBR's picture

THanks, Pete!

I used my regular sourdough starter that was made per Dan Lepard's recipe - at some point I was curious about making a starter using the pineapple juice method, but then I would have to take care of it plus my other starter and another commercial one I have (now sleeping in the freezer), so I dropped the idea.

My SF sourdough turned out very good, actually - it is true that by making a pre-ferment WITH the starter and using it in the dough increased the acidity quite a bit - this bread was VERY similar to a SF sourdough, when I ate it without anything on it, just to get a full taste of the crumb, it was almost exactly as my memory of that bread.