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Different Flours Sourdough Starters Charateristics

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Different Flours Sourdough Starters Charateristics

Hi Bakers,

After baking for a couple of years I want to revisit the different sourdough starters charateristics. Can you point me to books / links / posts that compare the different starters and their impact on the final dough and bread?

All the best,


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I keep a couple of starters in both 100% KA Bread Flour  and 100% home-milled WW form, and some in a 50/50 mix where I alternate feedings with KA and WW. 

Here's my off-the-cuff observations:

KA starter + KA flour = best rise, good sour flavor, not a lot of flavor depth.

KA starter + WW flour = struggles to rise, a little grainy if I don't do a soaker.

WW starter + KA flour = best compromise of rise and flavor. The dough isn't as grainy due to the starter having hydrated well.

WW starter + WW flour = As you'd expect, worst rise, very chewy, great flavor depth

Some of the flavor may be skewed just because WW flour that I mill and immediately use will always taste better than KA from a bag.

After a few more experiments, I'll probably switch everything to alternating KA/WW just for ease of feeding. I'm running out of space in the fridge for starter...


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... is the book I got my barm starter recipe from. The starter works as a 100% unbleached white, as well as a rye or whole wheat version.