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first attempt at Tartine

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first attempt at Tartine

Hello all, I've been a long time fan of this site and been baking bread off and on for the last few years. I finally got my hands on a reliable sourdough starter so I decided to try Chad Robertson's Tartine bread. Both loaves turned out really well and they taste amazing. Very nice crust and crumb. I used a standard Lodge pan combined with the base of a Lodge chicken fryer, since I already had both. I'd like to get the combo cooker eventually but I'm not complaining with the setup that I used.

I did the bulk fermentation at room temperature, shaped them and then retarded them for about 18-20 hours in the fridge. Preheated the cast iron and baked immediately after removing from the fridge. Pictures below. Let me know what you think.


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Gorgeous!  I've made this with overnight fermentation, but now I will try 18-20 as you did.  Life is good! 


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awesome!  I have a Griswold that is just screaming to bake bread in....thanks for affirming the cast iron will do the job!

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thanks for posting!

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Looks YUMMY! Love the way the crumb looks