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Thank you floyd for the lessons!

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Thank you floyd for the lessons!

I am fairly new to this web site, but not to baking bread. But you couldn't tell that today. I started my the baking of my weekend bread this morning.I called my friend to tell her what time to come over and get her fresh loaf, and I fouled it up BIG TIME! I don't have a good place to rise my dough without my kids doing something to it, so I usually rise it in the oven with the light on and a pan of hot water in with it to create that warm steemy place yeast loves. I shaped my loaves, and put them in the oven to rise and LOST MY MIND and cut the dang OVEN ON!!!!! It didn't hit me till the buzzer went off to signify that it was a toasty 350 degrees what I had done. I cussed loudly, flung open the door and quickly took my bread to the back porch, where it was much cooler, and proceeded as if nothing ever happened after the oven cooled. Floyd said in the lessons that if it was white bread a quick rise was ok. And it was. Thanks Floyd. Alls well that ends well.