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Tartine Country Bread in Dutch Oven – without getting burned.

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Tartine Country Bread in Dutch Oven – without getting burned.


This is my third batch of Tartine country bread with very good results each time-this is one my favorite breads.  I Followed his instructions for preparing the leaven and dough, I retarded the dough in the refrigerator overnight in the baskets.  

I use a standard D.O. for baking. The technique I use for placing the dough in the D.O. I picked-up from Cooks Illustrated Almost No-knead bread recipe. I place a sheet of lightly oiled parchment over the basket, place a bowl on top and quickly flip the basket over. I score the bread while in the bowl, lowering the dough into the hot D.O. holding the edges of the parchment paper.  Jonathan





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looks good, nice job!

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I use a standard cast iron pot as well.

I trim my parchment paper with a pair of scissors so I have a nice sling shape...a round base with fairly thin "handles" that don't protrude out out of the pot and burn.

I place parchment on proofed bread and then turn over and place on bench...score, then lift and place sling/bread into pre-heated pot. Halfway through the bake I take the bread out of the pot and place on a stone in oven (I use the pot on the stone which seems to stop excessive browing on the bases that I was getting with the cast iron pot)

The sling came about for asthetic reasons...I didn't like the dints in the bread that the scrunched parchment was causing.

Yours don't looked dinted at all...nice job.

Cheers, Phil

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I had dints in my bread when I proofed at room temperature on parchement in a bowl. I believe the reason why I don't have any on the bottom is becasue I'm proofing in baskets, overnight in the refrigerator, which makes the dough firmer. I flip it over quickly so it doesn't sit more than a minute on the parchement while I score it before placing in the pot.  Be well, Jonathan