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Sourdough flour

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Sourdough flour

Came across an interesting item on a "sourdough" loaf label in the local supermarket.

They bake those tasteless loaves on site with addition of "sourdough flour". They taste midly sour, but nothing like well fermented sourdough. When I enquired what "sourdough flour" is they said it's just like any other bread mix in a 25 kg bag  - mix with water and bake as per instructions. No additional yeast required. The process is the same as for all their other yested breads.

Did anyone come across it?

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I saw a bag or some packaging at one point for the sourdough bread mix and looked at the ingredients list.  I remember that it contained two acids, one of which was malic acid. Don't remember what the other one was - and I didn't ever taste the bread (knowlingly).  I would guess that it is quite common.

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Hi!These are proffessional mixes which   contain a combination of dried sourdoughs,one or more kinds of malt plus some enrichments like egg s white protein or milk powder etc.They give you a stable result and of course they can t be as the real thing because they have lost a lot of their flavour after drying them up  and of course is dead powder nothing more.The good thing for the pro baker is that he can use the direct method and get a better result than just mixing  plain flour and water and of course time is money and whith that thing you do not need preferments and waiting for a lot of time...of course there are some other sourdoughs for proffessionals that give a better result pretty much similar to the real thing with some limitations but if you are not a pro baker you can not have acces to them.