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2lb tin/ recipe help

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2lb tin/ recipe help

Hi guys, not sure if I am posting this in the right place so very sorry if it needs moving.

I just purchased a 2 lb loaf tin, but am struggling to find a basic white recipe to use with it.
My main issue is size, I dont want to use my usual recipe to find it overflows the tin and is ruined before I even cook it.

My recipe is a basic 500g bread flour, 40g butter, 2sachets yeast and salt.
I know the obvious thing would be to try it and see, but it seems like an aweful waste if that recipe is too much.

Just looking for a basic white loaf at this point.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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2lb = 907g. IIRC, pan size should equate to uncooked dough weight. 

If your original recipe uses 500g of bread flour @ 65% hydration, your dough will be about 880g (with your butter, yeast, etc) by my estimates. 

Should fit fine. 

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I regularly bake at 1200-1250 gr of dough in a 2lb tin (1500 gr flour + 900gr water, salt yeast and some oil = 2 loaves) and have never had any problems unless I get distracted during the second rise and the tin overflows!

1200 gr will roughly 2/3 fill the tin, which can then be allowed to prove until it completely fills with a nice dome, then oven spring will add another 1.5 to 2 cm to the height.

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fantastic. Appreciate your input cranbo and pjaj.

I always get overly concerned about things like this when cooking. Will just keep a close on it when rising and all should be well.

Thanks again :)

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just take it out of the tin, knead again for a minute, and put it to rise again.

I often have to do this.

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Yup, me too, it's just having to scrape all the sticky overflow off the inside of the oven (on its proving setting) that bugs me!

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Juergen Krauss


2 sachets ( I assume 7g each) is quite a lot. How long do you let it rise?

I make my white bread with 500g flour (100%), 340g water (68%), 10g salt (2%), 3g instant yeast (0.6%) (2 g if I have more time and want better bread)


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I let it rise for an hour, knock it back and shape, then another hour.

Indeed they are 7g packets. fast action dried.
Is it a lot? I am fairly new to all this, just following a recipe I found on the bbc website for a cob loaf. Just used the same recipe for the tin.

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I buy my instant yeast in slightly larger quantities, a 125gr packet from Allinsons or Dove in the UK. It's much cheaper than sachets.

I use two rounded teaspoons per 1500 gr flour in the recipe I quoted above. This weighs 10-11 gr, so I would have thought that one 7gr sachet is more than enough for only 500gr of flour.

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Oh. As I said, was just following the recipe. Although upon checking my sachets are coming in at 2gr more than the recipes sachets did.

Will this effect the bread in anyway? Its rising ok everytime, and its tasted good. Is it a case that I am just wasting yeast to get the same result?