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Herb Sourdough Bread?

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Herb Sourdough Bread?

Can I add herbs to a sourdoug bread and the flavor come out ok?  My Sourdough Potato Flake Bread is turning out wonderfully.  It does have a fairly sweet flavor.  I was wondering if I add some itallian herbs to it to go with my Lazanga how it would turn out.  Any suggestions or should I try a quick rising yeast bread instead?

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I don't see why not. If using dry herbs you may want to soak them in a little bit of water first just to soften them. If you're worried that the essential oils in your herbs are somehow going to interfere with dough fermentation, you could always add them at the very end. For example, if you develop your dough by stretching and folding, add your herbs say at the last but one s'n'f. Stretch the dough, sprinkle with herbs, fold. After that you'll have one more s'n'f and also the loaf shaping stage to mix the herbs in more evenly. If you develop your dough by kneading, I'd suggest you do one s'n'f as above 40-50 minutes before shaping. I often do that with whole spices where I don't want them rupturing the developing gluten strands (which would happen if I added spices before kneading or stretching/folding the dough).

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I add herbs to sourdough all the time, one of my favorites is herbs de provance with jalapenoe jack cheese and kalamata olives. It makes the kitchen smell wonderful when baking as well.



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Fresh is better but don't over do it. Also depends on what you're planning to pair it with....,