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borderland greetings

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borderland greetings

hey there all...

i am a hunter (birds) and predators (i don't eat em)

nothin goes better with campfood than a fine loaf of crusty bread...

eatin tortillas and "bolillos" all my life is just not workin for me anymore...

i have traveled extensively all over north america and enjoy "the finer things" and bread is certainly one of those !!!

with the advent (if it's still an advent) of "no knead" i have am ready to jump right in...

this sure looks like the place !!!



(yes i am a bilingual, english/spanish...scotch/irish/prussian descendent) first bakings have been very succesful...albeit "my bar" is still pretty low by most standards, i am really enjoyin usin cast iron dutch ovens !!!

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i am also serious about buildin an adobe "horno" by next spring...

hope that works out !!!