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Modify Commercial Deck Oven Doors

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Modify Commercial Deck Oven Doors

Hi all,

I am considering purchasing some deck ovens (Bakers Pride Y602) that will be used primarily for baking lean sourdough breads.  These ovens seem much more reasonably priced than any imported steam-injected bread ovens and I think they will work well with a jerry-rigged steaming system (high pressure hot water spray wand).

My main question is about modification of the doors - it seems that it would be much better to have two doors side-by-side per deck as opposed to one single door that is the full width of the deck.  This way, loading and unloading the ovens would retain heat better and enable the operator (me) to load and unload each half of a deck with ease, solo if necessary.

I am curious primarily if anyone has experience with these ovens and may be able to provide some insight as to how the door modifications would work - I am wondering specifically if the "spring balanced" doors would no longer be balanced with each half-door operating independently, and how the doors are hinged (are they hinged on their side or bottom?)

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, comments, thinks this is totally crazy, or something else, please chime in!

Thank you!

Chris Sullivan
organic bread for body and soul
Crested Butte, CO

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I would think this over carefully as  you will find that the door setup works quite well.  There is a lot of retained heat and a burner that is quite powerful (far more output than a home oven).   As a result, heat loss is not a big issue and it all works well.