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Weekend baking

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Weekend baking

Me and my wife were busy this weekend in the kitchen. She made apple crisp for a party at out daughter's home on Saturday, then made an apple cake for us to take to a pig roast on Sunday. I made sandwich thins & honey whole wheat bread for the freezer, then I made baguettes to go with a fish fry on Labor Day. I had some cubanella peppers that needed some loving before they went bad, so I stuffed them with my homemade Italian sausage, baked them then put them in the freezer for a dinner down the road. Busy, busy weekend, but lots of fun.

Honey whole wheat bread, sandwich thins & apple cake.

Baguettes...plain & Epi style.

Lake Erie perch dinner with hashbrown taters, coleslaw, corn & baguettes.

Cubanella peppers stuffed with homemade Italian sausage.


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Next Labor Day Weekend, I'm coming to your house!  Those Epi-style loaves are beautiful!

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Man, pig pick'n, fish fry, homemande Italian sausage, bread and apple cake and crisps - what more could a person ask for ... Those peppers look too good to go in the freezer but I am sure they will be even more delicious when you do take them out for a nice supper or lunch.  Your photos are very nice and make me hungry too.  I dido the last post - I would like to come to your house next Labor Day ...


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I just made those same peppers the same way last week, and didn't want to lose the rest of the the raw peppers, which is why I baked and froze them. Yes, tehy're just as good or better when tehy get warmed up .