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Gas oven

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Gas oven


Ihave recently got a eurogas oven and would like to know of any tips for baking with a gas oven.  Do I need to change my temperatures/times etc?



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since very recently and I didn't have the slighest problem so far. I always use the mid-low position. My oven has a thermostat that reduces gas consumption when the temperature is reached (very soon, no more than 10 minutes to get to 200°C) and bakes really fast! Generally in 25 minutes time a 700 gr brioche-like bread is ready when starting from cold oven (generally I don't preheat it).

I have a tray over the bottom to prevent an excessive flow of heat to the bottom.

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As with any oven -  get a good oven thermometer and check it at 50 degree increments from 250-500 degrees.  If the read out on the oven is adjustable, do so to make it accurate. Otherwise just make a table so you'll know how to set it to get the proper temperature.  Give it plenty of time to heat up and stabilize, at least 30 minutes before checking or baking.



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Where are the burners in your oven? I have a french gas oven and the burners are in the base. Things tend to burn on the bottom.

There are ways round this, and in fact for bread, I prefer a gas oven , (even though a bit primitive) over electric.

Though of course the old fashioned wood heated bread ovens are the best, but we don't have one of those.

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Been baking with gas ovens all my life (which is very long).  No problem whatsoever baking breads using any formula.

But every oven is diffferent (even it'a a same model from a same manufacturer), so you need to experiment a few times just to 'know' your oven's particular characteristics.  For example, my present one's thermostat seems to be set at slightly lower than my previous, so if a formula says 200 C, I need to set my oven to 210 C or so.   Also, baking on the second shelf from the top (it has 5 shelves) seems to work better with mine. 

Some people mentioned some gas oven's sealing isn't great, so if you use steam during baking, it tends to escape too much, which doesn't happen with my oven.

So, in short, just try with a few recipes which you're already familiar with, and try to find out if you need to adjust something with your new oven.

best wishes, and good luck! :)


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Thank you so much for all the advice and tips - I am overwhelmed! :-)