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Baking with one hand; german rolls baking video

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Baking with one hand; german rolls baking video

Hey fellow TFL-ers,

Working hard on my baking with one hand skills. Thank you Panasonic, for a sturdy tiny camera, that will even survive a plunge in the dough (not that it has happened...yet)!

Welcome to the Bread Lab :-)


The YouTube video is hereby completely dedicated (I hope you appreciate this) to Hanseata (Karin)! Thank you for all your wonderful formulas on here, and making my favorite list read like a copy of your profile; this one's for you!



P.S. You would do me a big favor endorsing my BreadLab iniative. Every "like" will get me closer to realizing a 6 episode documentary/road movie; chasing the best bread Europe has to offer. Thanks in advance!

wally's picture

A winning combination of lighthearted fun and good instruction.  Really, just a professional job - and the rolls look delicious!

Thanks for sharing,




freerk's picture

Those were two things that I had in the back of my mind making the video, so that is great feedback for me! I'm trying to see how I can produce comprehensive bread content fast and visually attractive for my blog and for other uses. The kitchen is getting a make over in a few weeks, and there is a new oven in the pipeline, I am really looking forward to that, so I can make it all look better!

Thanks again Larry!

jcking's picture

Nice work, good technique. Hats off!


freerk's picture

Thank you Jim! It was a joy to make :-)


asfolks's picture

I really enjoyed your video, it was very entertaining and informative.

I look forward to your next venture!



freerk's picture

working on the next one! thank you for your kind words Alan!


carefreebaker's picture

Thank you for sharing your recipe and posting the video. I had difficulty reading the final instructions. After baking the rolls in a 420 oven for 18 minutes, do the rolls stay in a turned off oven before being transferred to a rack to cool?

Also is having OO flour necessary to make these rolls?

freerk's picture

Yes, you can leave the rolls in the oven after the bake with the door ajar. Sorry for my bad handwriting!

00 flour is not necessary, but it gives good result. I wouldn't use really strong bread flour, that is if you like them to remain nice and fluffy and not too chewy on the inside.

Daisy_A's picture

Hi freerk,

Enjoyed the video! Breads look delicious - flower cutter was very clever.

Best wishes, Daisy

freerk's picture

Thank you Daisy!

M2's picture

What an interesting way of presenting the bread making process!  Well done, I enjoy watching it.


freerk's picture

Thank you Michelle!


Hope that you will come back for more!