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King Arthur Flour Prices

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King Arthur Flour Prices

I tend not to use KA flour because in Minnesota it's at least one third to one-half higher in cost than other flours.  That's why I was surprised when I bought KA all-purpose, bread flour and whole wheat at Target at prices ranging from $3.84 to 3.99. for 5 lbs.  I find it's usually it's $6.00 or more at Most stores in Minn.  A KA price reduction or  Target pricing? I thought I would pass this on.


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It's Target pricing. At the local Target, it was regularly $3.19 for 5 lbs of KAF AP flour for months; it recently went up to $3.39. All of the other stores charge at least $4.99 for the same flour unless it's on sale.

Not all Target stores carried KAF though, but it seems to be showing up in more stores recently.

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At least where I live, it's cheaper by about 1/3 in the summer, but goes back up in price in the autumn, winter, spring. Assume it's because of lower demand for flour in the summer because fewer people bake?

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I've bought it from Meijer before for $2.99 plus a $0.50 off coupon.  When I see deals like those I normally clear the shelf.



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Postal Grunt

I was in the Lawrence, KS Target yesterday and saw Gold Medal White Whole Wheat flour, something I hadn't seen in any of the local or KC stores that I shop. Their price was $3.44/5#, same as the whole wheat price.

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my walmart carries KAF white whole wheat, and bread flours at a very good price.