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details of loaf posted yesterday

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details of loaf posted yesterday

This is the crumb to the bread I posted a couple days ago, true there is couple of hole but nothing major to worry about, with this bread I added an egg also about 8 oz milk.

When I make bread I do not go rigidly by amounts in a recipe.
I use a DLX, and I use bottled water, about 1 litre, I add part of the flour and  mix in,
 a tablespoon of sugar
and about 1 inch cube of fresh yeast that I crumple into the water /flour, or 3 teas direct yeast
I then add almost enough more flour to give me a nice dough, adding a good 1/4 cup soft butter, mix that in,

then 1 1/2 teaspoons salt,
and enough more flour to give me the right feel of dough.
I then remove from the bowl, hand knead on floured counter to a nice smooth round ball, place in oiled bowl, spray with water, cover and let rise on the counter
Then I knock it back, and shape as however I want it, maybe loaf pans with 20 ounces in, or pullman with 30 ounces, or bread rolls or maybe freeform.
I have been making bread for many many years, also a wide variety of it.
To me bread is not an exact science, I enjoy bread baking, well any baking from scratch. Also I have shown many friends how to make bread, oh and also pastry. ;-))
I believe that bread takes it own sweet time to rise.
As I said I use a DLX, before that I used a Cuisinart Pro 7 food
processor,before that a Kenwood mixer, I do mill my whole wheat flour.



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