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Corn mash?

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Corn mash?


Has anyone tried to make a corn-flour mash?    I have attempted it twice at different hydrations (250% and 350%) at 150-165F, and each time it did not turn sweet, even after 4-5 hrs.   Maybe a little bit, but not much.   My miller does a good job at creating corn flour, but the end mash result, both times, were a bit gritty and not very sweet.

So far I've tried mashing:  KA AP white flour, and home-milled of whole-wheat, rye, and barley, all unsifted.  Everything except for the corn flour turned sweet.  

If I had to rank them in terms of best-flavor, it would be tough to call but I'd say:

1)  Rye + Barley mashes share the #1 spot.

2)  KA AP flour mash

3)  Whole-wheat mash

I added 1% diatastic malt to each of the mashes.   It was interesting to me that to my taste buds, the whole-wheat mash was less sweet than the KA AP or the Rye or Barley.

I still have Spelt and Buckwheat to go...

Yesterday, I made the Barley mash just as an experiment -- I had planned to throw it out, but it ended up tasting so good, I decided to adjust schedules and make bread from it.   Maybe tomorrow I will post pics if it turns out OK.





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There is a better way with corn, since there is no gluten preservation issue.  Separate the gel process from the mash process.  Simply add boiling water to the corn and mix. When the mix has dropped to about 160°F, add the malt, and mix.  Cover, wrap, and wait at least an hour.  Sweetness ensues.  Flinty meal may give the best results.

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Thanks charbono.   I appreciate the advice.   I will try it.