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help me find passionate bakers in the Netherlands

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help me find passionate bakers in the Netherlands

Dear fellow TFL-ers,

In order to take the next step in a project that I am working on, I need help.

For some time now, I have been developing a format for a 6 episode bread-documentary for television.

For the pilot-episode I am looking for bakers in the Netherlands -both professionals and home bakers- who are passionate about bread baking and who would enjoy sharing that passion.

During the (almost one) year that I have been a member on TFL I have come across some Dutch members already. I would like to find all of them; judging by the number of members, I suspect there must be more Dutchies lurking around that I haven't met yet!

So: are you a bread enthusiast in the Netherlands, and do you like the idea of participating, or do you know of a member that would be interested; please let me (or them) know.

Thank you for helping


 P.S. You would do me a big favor endorsing my BreadLab iniative. Every "like" will get me closer to realizing a 6 episode documentary/road movie; chasing the best bread Europe has to offer. Thanks in advance!




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I hope you are also featured in the documentary on the other side of the camera as I have seen how passionate you are about bread! I always look forward to your posts and pictures and questions.

 Good luck and I endorse you to other Fresh Loafers to review the quality of your history here. You should have no problem!

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Thank you clazar!

I'm in the early stages of development, so how things are going to pan out, I don't really know yet :-)

When things are starting to "fly", I will most definitely share it here!



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Wishing I was in your part of the world.  This sounds like fun!

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I've been a passionate baker in the Netherlands but not for a few years. I'm a passionate baker wherever I happen to be at the moment. I was a passionate baker next door in Belgium a few months ago. I wouldn't mind being a passionate baker in the Netherlands again.

Good luck with your project, freerk!

David, baking passionately in California this weekend.

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Hey David,

Believe me, when things work out the way I have them in mind, I will come to YOU :-)

I'm taking small steps, but things are moving along okay so far. I'll keep you posted!



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Hi freerk,

Here's a Youtube video of a baker braiding loaves, "boulangerhollandaise," in the Netherlands; if you can locate his home page on Youtube, you can contact him.

Good luck, Joyful

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When it's made, is it possible for you to get it aired in UK, too?  Does your broadcaster have any agency contract with the ones in UK?  Would love to see how our fellow home-bakers and pro-bakers are thriving across the Channel! 

Good luck with the project!  Look forward to hearing how it's progressing.

BEST wishes,



P.S.  Are you going to feature your new baking stone in the programme, too?  

::runs:: :p