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Soft butter rolls + cinnamon-sugar mini bread

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Soft butter rolls + cinnamon-sugar mini bread


I tried out this recipe for soft butter rolls, and a mini cinnamon-sugar bread.   It came out pretty well.  I had to use baker's yeast in addition to my sourdough leaven, and I am happy with the result.   I used the same dough for both the rolls and the cinnamon bread.   I was seeking a light and feathery texture, and this did not disappoint.   It is extremely soft and shreds very easily.

Here's the recipe and pictures.

Total Dough Weight: 950Total Dough Hydration: 50%Total Dough Flour Weight: 633Total Dough Water Weight: 317Percentages/Hydrations:Leaven Percentage: 20%Leaven Hydration: 125%Starter Percentage: 10% of leavenSoaker Percentage: 30%Soaker Hydration: 80%Soaker Salt Percentage: 1.0%Mash Percentage: 30% of soakerMash Hydration: 200%Final Salt Percentage: 2.0%Butter Percentage: 10.0%Egg Percentage: 10.0%Dry Milk Percentage: 10.0%Honey Percentage: 5.0%Bakers Yeast Percentage: 2.0%Leaven:AP Flour Weight: 121Water Weight: 152 Starter Weight (125% starter): 13  (starter flour=6, starter water=7)Mash:Flour Weight: 57 (Rye=28, Whole-Wheat=29)Water Weight: 114Diatastic Malt Powder: 0.5Soaker:All of MashAP Flour Weight: 133Water Weight: 38Salt Weight: 2Final Dough:All of LeavenAll of Soaker/MashAP Flour: 316Water: 6Salt: 11Butter: 63Egg: 63Dry Milk: 63Honey: 32Yeast: 12

Began with the rye+whole-wheat mash.  Cooked for 4 hrs between 155-165F.


Final dough balls fully risen, appx 3 hrs of rise-time.   I brushed them with butter before and after baking.

After baking:

Crumb is tender and soft:
Here's the cinnamon-sugar bread:

Cheers, and happy baking!
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Mmm.! gvz, Mash+ butter rolls? they must be flavorsome! Great Baking, lovely!


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Hello GVZ:

  Your rolls look awesome and in as much as I want to bake some, your recipe is too confusing for me. If you will give the volume weight for example: AP flour weight 450 G, Water 210 g, etc. It would be much easier for me to try your recipe. The percentage weight is essential in the baker world but alas, I am still a "regular" baker.



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I'm not sure if it is a defect that the cinnamon-sugar bread separated so much near the top, but...   the loaf disappeared quickly.   I'm not sure how much the mash contributed to the overall texture since I put a lot of other enrichments in there, but it was fun to do anyway.    My first successful experiment in an enriched bread.    I've tried this now twice without any baker's yeast -- each time the dough failed to rise at all, even after 6 hours.   I'm not sure why.   Something about either the butter, dry milk, or egg and my sourdough culture do not get along, or maybe it is the combination of all the enrichments.   Only way I could make it work was by adding the baker's yeast.   Well, this just means more experiments to isolate which one (if it is just one) causes my natural yeast to fail.   This bread was interesting -- a nice sour tang but coupled with the sweet/butteryness.

All values above are in grams, my apologies if it was confusing.