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Does anyone sell their "sourdough starters"?

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Rose Lucia

Does anyone sell their "sourdough starters"?

Please help.  I have tried on several occasions to make my own sourdough starter and then used it unsuccessfully to make bread.  Maybe someday, I would try it again.  Is there a ready-made starter that can be purchased at the grocery store or  from a catalog online?  Or does anyone sell their sourdough starter.  Thanks, Rose

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Please tell us where you're located. I'm sure someone living nearby would give you some.


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If you can't find a starter locally, you can buy one from King Arthur Flour:

There's also Carl's Starter

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sheffield (not verified)

There's also NYBakers.  Stan's a member of this forum and gives starter to those that ask.  Will have to pay for shipping I assume.

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so i'm deleting the second one

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the only thing I'd add is that our mailing cycle can vary from several days to a couple of months, since fulfilling all those starter requests (and there are a lot of them) is a relatively low priority in the grand scheme of things, so please be patient!

Stan Ginsberg

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sphealey is also a source:

I have had good luck with the King Arthur starter.  Just note that if you follow the included instructions to the letter you will end up using an enormous amount of flour - I wonder why?  After you have it going you only need to keep 200 grams and refresh 100 grams.


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Hi, I purchased two on e-bay. One from "High Mountain Sourdough" that was "extra sour" (?) and one from "Alaska Jacks" of Alaska. Both were very active. High Mountain was the most active and very sour. I am not an expert baker (taster?) and really could not discern any flavor difference between the two breads I made with them, but both were very good.