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to steam or not to steam

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to steam or not to steam

I am pretty new at this bread thing, and like a good little student, I have following the experts' instructions and doing the steam thing for all of my crusty type loaves.  I was wondering if you all steam for sandwich loaves, or focaccia loaves.  I would think not, because if I'm not mistaken, the idea behind the steam is to make a better crust, right?  

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I steam both during the first 10 - 15 minutes. 


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If you want crusty crust, steaming is the way to go.  Personally I don't steam when making focaccia, but I do if it's toasting/sandwich loaf like this. (this photo is not mine, mind you, but just  to show you what kind of bread I'm talking about.)

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Adding steam allows the crust to remain soft enough to achieve a nice oven spring. As Ford says it's only needed for 10-15 mins. A high hydration dough will require less steam. If you have a gas oven, block the vents while steaming.


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between steaming and not steaming is a thin, crispy crust versus a thick, hard crust. I steam almost all breads during the first part of the bake.