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Mebake + codruta, immortalized by google

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Mebake + codruta, immortalized by google

A friend is starting out with sourdough, so I was looking online for images of what a ripe liquid levain looks like, for his reference..

Thought this was kinda neat!

Go to,  search for:   "ripe liquid levain"

A couple of our esteemed bakers are right there on the front page.  



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Well spotted! Andy's avatar is there, too as well as a pic David posted from his SFBI workshop. I am sure quite a few of those loaves are from this site.

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Gvz, Half the search page if not more, shows links to thefreshloaf! What a bunch of bread fanatics we are :P

I guess my name is offically now: "Ripe levain"   :P