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Transplanted Easterner

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Transplanted Easterner

Hi Everyone.

I am an easterner (from Boston) transplanted here in Indiana.  Life's fine, except noone here knows how to make a decent bagel.  So I started making them myself (why not!).  I have one problem.  They fall after the boiling step.  My bagels come out flat.  They taste great.  Have that crust that fights back when you bite into it.  I am relatively new to bread baking (did it alot twenty years ago, my life got complicated).  I am looking for suggestions as to what may be going wrong.  Thanks, in advance, for any asstance anyone may offer!

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I've made bagels a few times, and I'm pretty sure when they fall post boil it's a matter of overproofing.  I'm a baby baker, but I know for bagels, you want them to sink and then float, if they floated immediately, they usually end up collapsing. 

My problem is that my onions always get burnt.  Every other topping will be fine, nicely toasted, but those onions will be ugly little crisps no matter what I do. :(