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Authentic and interesting Mediterranean Breads

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Authentic and interesting Mediterranean Breads

I work at a Mediterranean restaurant and I've been out of work for a few weeks. I'm getting ready to go back and I would like to go equipped with some bread recipes in my back pocket. I'm looking for a unique bread, authentic to any country on the mediterranean. Obviously things like flat bread and ciabatta and focaccia and what not are out of the question. I'm looking for something with a history or an interesting twist on ingredients. Like a stollen or something attached to a country and a time. Sorry if that's awkward. Thanks for the help guys. 

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Juergen Krauss

What about Gubana? The recipe is in Carol Field's Italian Baker and looks good to me.

I haven't tried to bake it yet, but I had a chance to savour the real thing, in the small town of Cividale di Friuli (in 1993). This was the most memorable culinary experience I ever had (no kidding).

They bake it all year round (not just at easter as mentioned by Field), and most bakeries are in a small street.

You walk through and get intoxicated with the smell of nuts, spices and Grappa (They soak their Gubana in Grappa)!