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Raymond Calvel

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Raymond Calvel


Is anyone familiar with Calvel's "Hearth Breads: A French Master's Approach to Using North American Ingredients"? I found where I can buy but it is quite expensive.  I thought I would try to get someone's thoughts, if they know it, before I consider buying it.  After all, how many books does a home baker need?

 I have used "Le Gout du Pain" extensively and it is the best bread book I have.

Thanks,  Woods


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I don't know that book, but a home baker can never have enough books... I just ordered Gregoire Michaud's latest ("La Boulangerie"), and on pre-order for four other bread/baking books (including Dan Lepard's latest, "Short and Sweet", and William Rubel's "Bread", which I've been waiting for for a long time).