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Types of Indian flour?

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Types of Indian flour?

I've just moved from the U.S. to Bangalore, India and I'm having trouble figuring out the flour types. Which type do I use for bread, baking, flat breads, etc.?

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The maida that is available everywhere is good for making bread (similar to the AP flour). But the bag does not have the nutrition info printed on it. So protien and gluten contents remain a mystery.

You can also try using Jowar flour in a small percentage. We use it for making thick unleavened flat breads.  I have a friend who has wheat intolerance. She uses it instead of AP flour in cakes and she swears that they come out very well. You could also try experimenting with Bajra(millet) flour and Ragi flour. These too are used to make thick unlaevened flat breads.

Atta or WW flour is available everywhere. But I have not been successful in making a decent loaf with it. But you could try checking this site, many people have baked wonderful bread using Atta.

Hope this helps in your baking.



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Atta can make great breads if you get it  it milled yourself. You can buy great whole  wheat grains and then mill it at the neighborhood mill. I don't know much about Bangalore, but I am sure you can ask around for the closest mill.