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I just won a baking contest!!!

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I just won a baking contest!!!

Hey all you guys!!!

I just won my first baking contest! (It wasn't bread, though.) I made key lime pies and won all three categories (Taste, Presentation, and Creativity) in my little local bake off!! And I got a $50 gift card for each category, for a total of $150 in prize money!


I just wanted to share that with all you bakers out there!

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Mini Oven

How fun and what a rush!  :)   

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Congratulations!  What a thrill that must have been.  What are key lime pies and do you have any pics? :)

All the best,


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Yeah,, where are the pics? If you don''t have pics, it never happened. ;)



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Key Limes are also known as "Mexican Limes" are more acidic than persian limes. They are also smaller.


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Good going and congratulations!

We have our local summer fair competition coming up soon and I know what a kick it is to enter, let alone to make it into the finals. I wish I'd been a judge for your Key lime pie, one of my all-time favourites.


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Parteee,  Parteee ....   :)

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Postal Grunt

The thrill of victory overwhelms the agony of the feet after standing at the bench for so long.

Congratulations, I know how that feels. I plan on going back to enter the Leavenworth County Fair in less than two weeks to see if I can repeat.

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Great!  Congratz!

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Congrats... It's fun to win... Thanks for sharing.. Mmmmmm... Key Lime Pie...

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