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First attempts!

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First attempts!

Hello everyone!

I am new to the bread baking scene, and just attempted my first breads from the Hammelman book. I don't have a stand mixer so I knead everything by hand and bake on a stone. This was my first time using 12+ hour preferments.

The first is the honey wheat bread using a pate fermentee. My slashes aren't very good (need a sharper blade), and my round loaf forming could have been a tad better. The honey made the crust take on a dark color very quick, but its not burned or anything. 


The next bread I made (At the same time) was my first Ciabatta with olive oil and toasted wheat germ. I managed to keep a few large air spaces but had some issues with the bread sticking to my peel after the final ferment.


Any feedback is appreciated!


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For a first attempt your loaves look good! Practice, Practice, Practice and you'll improve.


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Hello Maj:

   You should be proud of your "first bake"!  The shaping and slashing will come later.  Both of your crumb shots are wonderful. It tells me that you did it correctly and "by hands" mixing!  Wow, it looks wonderful.


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Thanks for the feedback! I am going to attach a photo some french bread I made a few weeks ago. These only used a 3 hour sponge, but I would like to try them with a poolish for better crumb. These look nicer anyways, the scoring. 


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Great work so far! Slashing will come with practice for sure. I also mix by hand and use a stone, yay for the simple things :)